Rollup.js Demo

This demo shows how to bundle the yFiles library in a rollup project.

The yFiles modules are imported in the demo sources, so rollup will add the yFiles modules to bundle.js .

The HTML file just references the single bundle.js file containing the demo code as well as all library code.

In addition to resolving the module imports and creating a browser-ready bundle, the Grunt build

  • runs the yFiles optimizer before bundling to achieve a smaller, production ready bundle
  • runs babel on the sources, so the resulting application can be run in older browsers like IE 11.

Building the demo

Install the required npm packages and run the build script

> npm install
> npm run build

Running the demo

The grunt build will place the output files in the dist/ directory inside this demo's directory. To run the demo, open index.html in a browser served by a web server.

You can start a simple web server in the demo directory with

npx http-server