WMR Loading Demo

This demo shows how to load yFiles for HTML with WMR as a loader for efficient web development and easy builds.

Also, a layout algorithm in a Web Worker thread without blocking the UI or main thread is loaded using WMR's built-in support for Web Workers.

Running the demo

First, install the required npm modules in the demo directory:

> npm install


For development, WMR offers convenient live reloading support to minimize turnaround times.

To run the development server:

> npm start

When the server runs, try making changes to the source code and see how the app will be updated in the browser immediately.

Debugging of application files in the browser's developer tools should work fine, since the source files are only minimally preprocessed.


WMR is capable of creating a highly optimized production build. No extra configuration is required.

Note that WMR's prerendering feature does not work with yFiles for HTML.

To run the production build:

> npm run build