Electron Demo

This demo shows how to integrate yFiles for HTML in a basic Electron desktop application. It uses electron-webpack for support for ES module imports.

Building the Demo

  1. Go to the demo's directory demos-js/toolkit/electron.
  2. Run npm install.
  3. Run npm run dev.

This will start the development server of the Electron application which creates a desktop application with integrated hot reloading.


A binary of the application can be built with npm run dist . This will run the electron-builder that creates an executable in the dist directory.

yFiles modules and usages are obfuscated in the production build with the yFiles for HTML Optimizer .

Things to Note

In order to load ES modules from external libraries such as yFiles, they must be whitelisted in the electronWebpack configuration, see also White-listing Externals :

"electronWebpack": {
  "whiteListedModules": [

Also, in order to use *.ejs templates, the EJS loader needs to be registered explicitly in an additional webpack configuration:

"electronWebpack": {
  "renderer": {
    "webpackConfig": "webpack.renderer.additions.js"